We hope to provide you with some essential understandings and tools to help you in your new faith journey with Jesus at a solid ‘Starting Point’.

Being a follower of Jesus means that we are His disciple – a learner of Him, His character, His nature, His competencies, and His teaching. We believe, as a Christ-centered, Scripture-based community, that this is our first priority – making disciples right from the very beginning.

As you begin your faith journey with Jesus, we want to help you get a great start based on four core principles – knowing the basics of what we believe, spending time with Jesus through prayer and the Word (the Bible), becoming a part of our local community at EAC, and taking the Good News and Jesus out to the world by serving Him on mission.

What’s the plan?

This step is built around two key resources – a five-session study guide entitled The Beginning: First Steps for New Disciples, and a personal mentor or guide that you will work with over the next several weeks.

Session 1 - What Just Happened?

In this session you'll learn the definitions and significance of salvation, faith, and works.

Session 2 - The Centrality of Christ

In this session you'll learn the core truths of the Christian faith.

Session 3 - Time with Jesus

In this session you will learn how to communicate with God (prayer) and how to study God's word (the Bible).

Session 4 - The Blessing of Community

In this session you will learn how to become an active member of Christian community.

Session 5 - Joining Jesus on Mission

In this session, you'll learn how to take your next steps to becoming someone who makes disciples of your own.