Catch and Release

Edgewater Alliance Church believes in releasing assets. Several years ago, our Governing Board approved the creation of a fund we call the Strategic Resource Tithe (SRT). A percentage of every dollar given to EAC's general fund is moved to the SRT and then released to ministries and missions that align with EAC's mission & vision. 

In recent years, we have been on a giving journey called 5 in 5. Our goal is to increase our SRT giving over the course of 5 years from 10% to 15%. In 2023 our SRT percentage was 12% with the total number of dollars designated to give away being $155,376.

If you gave to Edgewater Alliance Church's general fund in 2023, 12% of your gift went on quite the journey!

Recommendations for how funds are released is based on an application process and

administered by the Missions Council and approved by the Elder Board.

  • Ethnos 630

    We continued our monthly commitment to Ethnos 360 in support of Rob and Hillary Bartholdson, which was  a $33,600 commitment for 2023. EAC committed to fund their mission to the Inuit people in Canada. They moved there in June of 2023 and started language study in November of 2023.

  • Royal Family Kids camp

    Another significant donation ($15,000) was provided to One Family to help fund Royal family Kids Camp. Royal Family Kids Camp is a subsidiary of For the Children based in Santa Ana California. Their mission is to reach children in foster care with a message that God loves them deeply and wants to adopt them into His Royal Family.

  • Sowers4pastors

    We solidified our relationship with Sowers4Pastors by completing a partnership agreement to continue funding their work in Honduras. In 2023 we helped fund the cost of a shipping container ($5,000) of food to support the feeding program for children held at more that 150 churches. 

    Additionally Sowers4Pastors works with indigenous pastors and communities to construct churches. EAC provided $5,000 to this effort which would cover the cost for putting the roof on five churches. 

  • FROG

    Forever Relying on God

    FROG Ministry Inc. is a “FREE STORE” to those in need. It is in operation seven days a week and open to the public for shopping and assistance during the work week.  A food bank is available. There is no charge to anyone receiving these items or services. FROG has over 20,000 adults together with their children registered with to receive free bi-monthly provisions. EAC provided $8,000.00.

  • envision miami

    EAC is continuing to work with Envision Miami which is an outreach of the Christians and Missionary Alliance to provide short term mission opportunities. The Envision mission is located in a low-income area where many are living below the poverty level and several families live in one home in order to make it affordable. EAC has sent teams from our youth program to Miami for a one-week mission. In addition to sending teams, in 2023 EAC funded a Bible Club with Bibles and supplies, a back-to-school program with school supplies, and backpacks and food supplies. EAC provided $5,220 to support these three programs.

  • equipo de sueños

    In Peru, EAC continues to work with Pastor Alex Cortina and his brother George.

    Their organization, Equipo de Sueños, works with a broad coalition of churches in Lima. We provided funds ($6,700) to complete construction of a mission house in Lima, Peru to provide housing for missionaries, short term mission teams, and visiting pastors.

  • heart for lebanon

    EAC has a new relationship with a ministry working with refugees in Lebanon. Heart for Lebanon is providing support for nearly 4,000 refugee families, most of them displaced Christians from Syria. They work with local churches and small local faith-based NGOs along the border with Israel in the Bekaa Valley and in the South. They help 1,200 students in a H.O.P.E. Educational program. They are serving 4,000 families each month with Family Care items, which is around 24,000 individual people. Most are single moms. 

    They have trained 145 Syrians in a Missional Leadership Development training, preparing them to be missionaries to their own people groups. Many are women who have already started their own ministry to women. EAC provided $5,000 for this mission.

  • family renew

    Family Renew Community provides housing for homeless families with children in Volusia County. They have 32 apartments at residential campuses in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach and DeLand, where families may live for six months or more with no rent or utility payments. 


    EAC has joined with Family Renew as a trustee in on their board in 2022 and have donated $3,000 annually.