Knowing that we all need help at times to unravel a difficult situation or find the root cause of a problem, we offer trained and compassionate lay counselors to help you determine God's solution to your situation.  If you're struggling with a troubled marriage, family problems, substance abuse, or some other difficulty, we'll provide individual and family guidance based on biblical principles.  Our counselors receive extensive training as well as ongoing supervision and education.  To make an appointment, call our confidential counseling line at 386-957-6450 and we'll return your call within 24 hours.  The counseling service is provided free-of-charge and you don't have to attend EAC to take advantage of it.

"I encourage you to utilize this counseling ministry God has provided.  If you're struggling

and need to talk to someone with compassion and training, this ministry is for you."     

--David Lane, Senior Pastor